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Workflow Automation

The process modeled or designed through process modeler is of no use, unless it is executed or deployed in the BPM environment. Workflow Automation facilitates the automation and execution of manual human workflow. It enables process owners to interact with automated workflows at various decision making points and monitor the interaction of automated processes in real time.

Task Manager

It enables process owners to monitor, review and update their workflow task. Through task manager, process owners can perform variety of tasks such as halting a workflow to resolve an issue or assigning roles to a workflow. The ‘user management’ feature enables addition, modification or deletion of a member from a particular process activity. Roles are assigned to individual users and their information is captured. Automatic delivery of email, messages and alerts to the individual users is done through task manager. Also the organizational chart can be developed through the Krawler Org-chart tool and easily integrated with the JSONIC BPM tool kit. Task Manager provides a comprehensive view on process management information such as process owners, participants, roles assigned and user status through a web-based browser.

Activity Monitoring

It provides real time status of the processes, related events and triggers. Activity monitoring coupled with reporting features provide complete status information about process performance. Dashboards can be customized as per the need of users.

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