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jSonic employs Open Database Access (ODA) mechanism that ensures a single interface for all varied data sources such as data warehouse and process database, among others. This layer enables a smooth data access mechanism even if the underlying databases are not similar. Technically speaking, interaction with different data sources is enabled through JDBC driver. Database connections are defined from the webforms that are created in BPM tool. The user can define database connection and use it in the webforms. There is a two-way communication between webforms data and targeted database. The data from webforms can be directly posted in the database and vice versa. Object relationship modeling and UML diagrams are employed to enable the users have a better understanding of relationship between various entities and database. Object relationship modeling allows user to easily implement object oriented designing and programming techniques without bothering about technicalities of relational database. UML diagram enables process owners to view the relationship between various actors from business perspectives.

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